Vera Nikolić Podrinska


Provisional College of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb (1910.-1914), Academie Julian (Paris,1925.)
Biography: Daughter to the Croatian viceroy Vladimir baron NIkolić and mother Ella, née baroness Scotti, the future painter Vera is the last known example of the 19th century learning tradition where a talented girl of wealthy parents did not attend a painting school, but rather the school "came" to her (there were very few parents who were able to pay the most prominent arts teachers to come to their house and teach the child). Later she went to art college, and her income made it possible for her to travel throughout the world and copy old masters in famous galleries. At the family estate on Prekrižje in Zagreb, she developed an interest in photography, and when her father died in 1933, she managed the large estate very well, as witnessed by diplomas from agricultural shows before the Second World War. In 1939 she built a villa in Novi Vinodol where her guests – until she died – included many outstanding artists. Since her first one man exhibition in 1917 – when she gave all the money raised through sales to war orphans - until the Skopje earthquake in 1963, she distinguished herself as a benefactrice. As a patron of the arts, she took special care of talented artists of noble origin (Kamilo Tompa, Leo Junek). Among her literary works, the travel book "Od Zagreba do Bangkoka" (From Zagreb to Bangkok) (Zagreb, 1955, Ljubljana 1957) is noteworthy.


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